Books of the Week

So many books and just not enough time to read them.

This page contains information on my four selected books of the week. Be sure to come back soon for a new selection. More information can be found at via the search page.

Please select an author from the list below:

Roshi Philip Kapleau

From the original version printed in 1965 through the four hardcover, fourteen paperback and the revised and expanded 25th anniversary printings, this book continues to be invaluable for anyone who is seriously interested in Zen Buddhism.

I highly recommend this book.


Socrates was one of the shapers of the intellectual tradition of the western world. He was wrongfully executed on charges of heresy and corrupting the minds of the young in 399 BC.

Plato was one of his most devoted disciples, and this book shows the essence of Socrates teachings and the logical system of question and answer he perfected to define the nature of virtue and knowledge.

Naomi Ozaniec

Chakras may be described as "energy centres which spin like a wheel and open up like a lotus flower".

This book is an excellent overview to this ancient tradition.

Dr Rama-Frederick Lenz

Surfing the Himalayas is a work of fiction, although it is based on true life experiences. Buddhist ideas and principles are explained through the story of a snowboarder's journey to Nepal and his subsequent meetings with a Tibetan monk.

Although on the surface it seems to be just a work of fiction, the narrative approach enables a clear and surprisingly easy understanding of complex Buddhist teachings.

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